Structural insulated panel homes are tremendously energy efficient.  You can cut the cost of your utilities bills by building a panel home.  Structural insulated panel homes are built with solid EPS foam insulation which greatly reduces the amount of outside air penetrating your home.

At The Panel Factory, Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are our primary business used for several different applications.  The Panel Factory manufactures and distributes blank SIPs, processed SIPs, home packages and a variety of other structures.

Structural Insulated Panel
The Panel Factory manufactures 4' x 8' and 4' x 16' structural insulated panels and distributes 8' x 24' structural insulated panels each with varying foam thickness.  We can provide both blank sip panels and processed sip panels.  Blank SIP panels include electrical chases, but they are not cut to size and do not include lumber splines.  Processed sips include cutouts for outlets, switches, windows, door, etc.  The processed panel has in place the lumber (or splines) needed to join the panels together.

Home Packages
Our home packages or house kits are ready-to-build floor plans which include the processed structural insulated panels for the exterior SIP walls and SIP roof.  The exterior walls and roof are typically made with 4.5" SIP walls and 6.5" roof panels.  However, any width EPS foam can be used to build these energy efficient homes.  The home packages comes ready to be assembled on the job site.  After the foundation is poured, it's just a matter of days before your house is "in the dry."

Structural insulated panels are great for outbuildings which include garages, outside storage structures, cold storage buildings, etc.  These super-insulated buildings consist of SIP exterior walls and roofs and, in some cases, floors.  These structures can be any size you specify.  The smaller structures can be assembled quite easily without the help of an outside contractor.